Frequently Asked Questions on the AppClip:

Q) Which phones can be used with AppClip®?
A) All newer Smart Phones or Tablet with CTIA standard headset/phone jack. 

Q) What does "SD" stand for?
A) SD stands for "Smart Device", including Smart Phones and Tablets.

Q) Where is the battery for AppClip?
A) There is NO battery required for AppClip. It harvests power provided by the smart device.

Q) Is there a particular app (application) I need to use with AppClip?
A) This device works with most popular tuning apps. If your favorite app works using the microphone, then it should work with the AppClip.

Q) I plugged in a generic contact microphone to my smart phone but it does not work.
A) Make sure you are using the GoTune AppClip.

Q) The wire is too long for me. How do I shorten the length?
A) Use the wire organizer provided with the AppClip, and wrap a portion of the wire around the organizer.